String Theory, The Artist Program, Deborah Berke Partners, New York, NY, March 22 - May 25, 2018.

String Theory consists of recent sculpture complemented by a selection of works on paper.  With philosophical affinities to traditional Chinese and Japanese art and urban graffiti, these works express the artist's interest in line, dynamic structure and kinetic space.  They explore what the philosopher Alan Watts refers to as the "wiggliness of reality".  The sculptures serve, in their own fashion, as objects of meditation, partnering with their cast shadows to create a dance of form and non-form, evoking thoughts of Plato's cave.  In the paintings on paper, brushwork suggests an unseen movement beyond the boundaries of the edge and hints at deeper realities behind surface appearances.

Exhibition catalogue with artist interview (downloadable PDF):

Robert Schatz, The Phatory, New York, NY, January 14 - February 25, 2017.

A New Line of Thinking, Recent Sculpture by Robert Schatz, Sheldon Museum of Art, Lincoln, NE, January 16 - April 26, 2015.

"Known previously for his lyrical paintings and drawings informed by physical movementnt, artist Robert Schatz has, in his latest body of work, begun to explore the third dimension.  Using humble materials, Schatz crafts intriquing objects that index his decision-making process.  Beginning with no preconceived idea for form, the artist manipulates his materials intuitively, allowing their natural inclinations to manifest.  Schatz intends his sculpture as a response to the fast-paced, pixel-mediated, jet-set lifestyle of 21st-century culture.  Capitalizing on the similarity of his forms to the snarl of string in the back of the odd kitchen drawer, the artist aims to 'entangle' the viewer, evoking curiosity and mental attempts to 'unravel' the conundrum at hand.  Given the artist's interest in Eastern thought, the very present 'thing'-ness of specific objects of contemplation, like Chinese scholar stones, also seems applicable here.  Perhaps American modernist Georgia O'Keeffe summed it up best: 'The [work of art] is like a thread that runs through all the reasons for the other things that make one's life.'  In his sculpture, Robert Schatz encourages us to reflect upon just that."

Exhibition brochure with artist interview (downloadable PDF):

Photography courtesy of Sheldon Museum.

Paesaggio, The Phatory, LLC, New York, March 3 - April 7, 2007.

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